Brooks A. Agnew is one of those souls you remember from somewhere. It’s fun. It’s like you remember doing something else a long, long time ago and he was there too. If you haven’t met him, make the effort. There is something inside of you that unlocks and the light gets in. Relax and enjoy your visit.

You may like music, art, racing, architecture, auto-mechanics, mathematics, geology, astronomy, or even molecular biology. You may love to dance, sing, or just watch something grow for a awhile. You’re in the right place.

Earth life will beat you up. It is full of challenges and disappointments and death and sickness. As far as the human mind can travel, there is no variety of life like there is here. Believe me when I tell you, this planet is among the choicest in the galaxy. Earth is also full of our DNA. Literally every piece of fruit and single-celled animal, and fish, bird, and primate shares our DNA. Or, if you think about it, we humans share all of their DNA. And yet, all but a few despair and possess a fear of dying and poverty that precludes nearly every dream they can have.

Perhaps that is why we came here. To help humans realize how special this place is. To show them the heavenly aspects of mortal life. The very challenges that we fear are the meal by which the soul expands and finds joy.  Continuous success is not the natural state of the human soul. We shrivel and waste away when we merely think of it. The struggle of mortality is the heaven we endlessly seek throughout the universe. The act of living for one another, dying for one another, and blending our light with others is the sweet nectar we cannot smell when we are spirits. We need a body. You cherished this before we observed this universe into existence.  You chose it just the way it is, but you can change it by your own thoughts and actions on those thoughts. If it were not so, the entire universe would collapse and cease to exist.

This site is to let you know that you can do everything and see everything and win and lose everything in a single lifetime. It has been done by many, albeit few of them have actually been recorded for all time for the enlightenment of others. You are one of the few, or you wouldn’t be here right now. This time and place is too special and too rare for that. Of course, it doesn’t mean there aren’t humans who are wasting their time here, and ours too for that matter. There are plenty. But they will be as the pylons in a boat race as you ride the winds of change and energy around this planet. Now, go and do.

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4 thoughts on “Home

  1. This is the beginning of a very long friendship.
    I can feel it to my cellular structure.
    Love the laugh shot.

  2. So sad you are no longer doing X2Radio. I’m really going to miss you. You were a big part of my life and I always looked forward to listening to you on Sunday nights wondering what topic you were going to take on. I have learned so much from you over the years. It was comforting like hanging out with a good friend and now I’m not sure how I’m going to fill the void.

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