Public Speaking

Besides being a 7-time best-selling author, Brooks Agnew is one of the most recognized voices in America.  As the host of X-Squared Radio for 14 years, he has become the most listened to talk radio personality in the Sunday night time slot.  Millions of people around the world listen live or by accessing more than 2,000 hours of audio archives.  They also listen to thousands of hours of audio books and lectures that he has published.

Brooks Face

As a SixSigma Master Analyst, he currently serves the top Fortune 500 companies to improve efficiency, reduce variation, and recover profits. His statistical pre-analysis of the 2016 Presidential election was the ONLY one to predict 314 electoral votes and prove the demographics perfectly.

He is internationally acclaimed as one of the world’s best speakers with an enormous working knowledge of subjects ranging from leading edge science to deeply spiritual topics.  From physics to ancient archaeology.  From manufacturing and industrial finance to marketing and lead-building technologies.  You get it all.  You get the best.  You get it now.

He has also been featured on globally recognized media like:

  • Coast-to-Coast-AM with George Noory.
  • History Channel
  • Discovery Channel
  • Science Channel
  • National Geographic Channel
  • Beyond Belief TV
  • TruTV
  • Red Ice Radio
  • Camelot Radio
  • David Webb Show
  • Breitbart Radio
  • Veritas Radio
  • Paranormal Radio
  • Quantum Connection
  • Earth Radio
  • Phoenix Rising Radio
  • Atlantis Magazine
  • Nexus Magazine